The Future of In-patient diabetes care

Year on year, the number of patients with diabetes in UK hospitals continues to rise. This is a group that may require additional support and attention by clinical staff. An admission to hospital for any reason has the potential to destabilise usual diabetes control. It may also provide a bedside opportunity to offer a diabetes review.

This talk will provide an overview of the impact of a hospital admission on diabetes. The speaker will also share some local experiences and learnings that have helped to shape and inform the way in which inpatient diabetes care is delivered in Southampton. This large NHS trust hosts up to 200 patients a day with diabetes (approximately 16% of all adult inpatients).

Learning outcomes

  • Insight into how an admission to hospital can affect diabetes control
  • Areas of risk in diabetes care that clinical staff must be aware of
  • Examples of ways in which patient care is supported
  • Examples of ways in which staff training in diabetes is delivered